HGLRC SPECTER 1804-2450KV Motor

HGLRC SPECTER 1804-2450KV Motor

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HGLRC SPECTER 1804-2450KV Motor


After the precipitation in 2022, the HGLRC team designed and developed a brand new SPECTER 1804 motor. It has the characteristics of high performance, high quality and high efficiency, and the 1804-2450KV version is initially launched.
The SPECTER 1804 motor has a brand-new appearance design. It is made of 7075 high-strength material, which has extremely high strength and impact resistance. At the same time, it uses an anodized two-color process, and the motor has a cool appearance of titanium color + red. For the more important magnetized steel of the motor, we customized N52H arc-shaped magnetic steel, which has ultra-high magnetic properties, high temperature resistance, and smaller spacing (magnetic steel and stator spacing), making the SPECTER 1804 motor have extremely high performance and excellent efficiency. In order to ensure the stable operation of the motor during racing, we use super high temperature resistant 260° copper wire windings. In order to further improve the efficiency of the motor, we use Kawasaki silicon steel sheets to make the stator to reduce heat loss. In addition, we optimize the tuning of the magnetic circuit and winding to make the power output of the motor more linear and the response fast and accurate.
SPECTER 1804 is our carefully designed product. We believe that its performance and quality can meet your needs in 3-3.5inch Freestyle and Racing.


1.Brand new rotor appearance design, anodized two-color process
2.7075 aviation aluminum material, high-strength one-piece rotor
3.Customized N52H curved magnetic steel, strong magnetism, large torque
4.Super high temperature resistant 260° copper wire winding, the motor runs more stably
5.Imported Kawasaki silicon steel sheets, low loss stator, reduce heat generation and improve efficiency
6.New optimized adjustment and calibration, maintain high torque at low speed, linear power output when the throttle changes rapidly, precise and quick response when turning
7.Titanium alloy shaft, high strength and reduce the weight of the drone
8.Applicable to 3-3.5inch freestyle drones and 3-3.5inch racing drones


Motor model: 1804
KV value: 2450KV
Magnetic pole: 12N14P
Magnetic steel: N52H
Stator: Kawasaki 1200
Rotor: 7075
Bearing: ISC
Winding: 260° high temperature resistant copper wire
Output shaft: M1.5×3.8mm
Max current: 18A
Max power: 432W
Suitable propeller: 3-3.5 inch
voltage: 4-6S
Outlet specification: 26AWG-150mm
Motor size: Φ22.68×13.2mm
Mounting hole: 12×12(M2)
Weight: 13.3g (including wire)

Product List:

1804-2450KV motor x 1
M2x6mm round head screw x 5
M2x7mm round head screw x 2


Weight 30 g


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