Drone Racing is an expensive Hobby with risks involved in crashing and damaging components that end up in costly replacements. Therefore we believe Pilots progress faster when they dont fear about costly replacements. Motor is an expensive vulnerable part of a Racing Drone and We know how it feels when a motor is burnt. That is why we have created LIFETIME WARRANTY MOTOR Program to give pilots more confidence to push the limits of their skills by reducing the fear of crashing and damaging components, ultimately creating greater enjoyment when challenges are met!

lifetime warranty on race quad motor

The LIFETIME WARRANTY MOTOR Program enables you to get your burnt motors rewinded at free of cost for life time if they are purchased from our store, reducing the cost of getting your drone airworthy again! This will save your money from spending in to motors again as it is pretty easy to get a motor burnt if you are not careful. We are very excited to introduce this Program to the FPV community in India, and are looking forward to hearing about how the program helps you to grow your skills in FPV!

Lifetime warranty covers Motors that are burnt, causing death roll or any problem arising due to the winding of the motor and the customer can send the motor back to us and the motor will be rewinded by the Technical team at free of cost and will be returned, where shipping charges will be borne by the customer. The motors listed in our store with the banner of Life time warranty are only eligible for Life time warranty. Its simple as that! Motors are rewinded with high quality silver core enameled copper that can withstand up to 240C and same KV and thrust is retained. Efficiency or KV of the motor is not altered upon rewinding the motor.

  •  The warranty does not replace bearings, motor bell or the base of the motor. 
  • User error, voltage surge or any other  damages caused  by the user  does not affect the life time warranty. 
  • It will take 2-5 days to Rewind the motor and shipping charges are borne by customer.
  • Efficiency or KV of the motor is not altered upon rewinding the motor.
  • Bell bend or damaged or base damaged motors are eligible for LifeTimeWarranty but motor bell or base will not be replaced.
  • Customer can send the motor back to us for rewinding as long as the motor is still available with the customer
  • Quadkart reserve the right to refuse to  rewind motors that are not purchased from our store and any fraudulent claim to rewind the motor will void the warranty and the motor will be sent back to the customer.
  • Contact the customer care representative for sending the Burnt motor and send it back to us once its approved.

Confirm that the Motor you are claiming for Warranty is indeed purchased from our Store and the same motor is eligible for Life time warranty. Not all the motors are eligible for Life time Warranty. The motors with life time warranty will have the below warranty banner in the product images. Make sure the motor you are claiming does have this banner in the product page.

  1.  Contact our Customer Service at with the order receipt and request for Warranty
  2.  At this point, You will be contacted by our Customer support team.
  3.  Once you have been informed that your warranty claim is granted, Send the motor to the Address requested by the Support Team
  4. You will get a link to pay for shipping once the motor is rewinded and finalize the lifetime warranty claim

Shop our lifetime warrantied Motors here. Dont hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any doubts, we are here to help you.