FrSky Archer Plus RS Receiver

FrSky Archer Plus RS Receiver

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FrSky Archer Plus RS Receiver


This is FrSky Archer Plus RS Receiver. The Archer line of receivers has been enhanced further with the addition of the new Archer Plus Series.

The Archer Plus Series receivers include some new features. Firstly, an enhanced anti-RF-Interference capability can offer a more solid and stable RF performance, and this is in addition to existing anti-interfere performance in the spark ignition process. These Plus series receivers are also with both ACCESS and ACCST D16 modes, where the RF protocol is smartly matched during the binding process on the radio. In ACCESS mode, these receivers not only feature OTA wireless firmware upgrades, increased range, and telemetry performance, they support even more functions like configurable telemetry power (RS), S.Port / F.Port / FBUS switching, and VFR indicators.

Frsky Archer Plus Rs

The RS supports full-range signal control with an equivalent telemetry range. Dual detachable/replaceable antennas assure optimal antenna reception and maximum range with their lightweight design thanks to the extremely tiny form factor. Features an inverted S.Port that allows for easily connecting flight controllers, in addition to all this, the RS can also be used as a redundancy receiver along with any other FrSky ACCESS capable receiver equipped with an SBUS port. The best available signal will be used to ensure superior connectivity.


  1. Tiny and super lightweight
  2. S.Port / F.Port / FBUS (Configurable via S.Port)
  3. Over-The-Air (OTA) FW update
  4. SBUS Out port (Supports 16CH / 24CH mode)
  5. SBUS In port (Supports Signal Redundancy)
  6. Inverted S.Port


  1. Dimension: 16*11mm (L*W)
  2. Weight: 1.3g
  3. Operating Voltage: 3.5-10V
  4. Operating Current: 60mA@5V
  5. Antenna Connector: IPEX4
  6. Control Range: Full range* of telemetry (* Full Range: ≥2km, the control range may vary based on local conditions.)
  7. Compatibility: All FrSky ACCESS/ACCST D16 transmitters.

Package Includes:

1 x FrSky Archer Plus RS Receiver


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