Foxeer Datura 2806.5 FPV Motor

Foxeer Datura 2806.5 FPV Motor

Introducing Foxeer’s entry into the FPV motor scene. The Datura line of motors feature ultra-light semi-hollow titanium shaft, rubber dampener ring for shock absorption, high quality N52H magnets, and Military grade 260 Degree Celsius radiation resistant high temperature windings.


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Foxeer Datura 2806.5 FPV Motor


10000 KV, 11000KV, 1100KV, 1350 KV, 1400KV, 1450KV, 1500 KV, 1650, 1700 KV, 1750 KV, 1760 KV, 1770, 1800 KV, 18000 KV, 1910 KV, 1950 KV, 2100 KV, 2300, 2400 KV, 2450 KV, 2500, 2550 KV, 2600, 2650 KV, 2700, 2770, 2800KV, 2850 KV, 2900 KV, 3000, 3100KV, 3450 KV, 3500, 3550 KV, 3600KV, 3750KV, 3800KV, 4000KV, 4100 KV, 4300KV, 4500 KV, 4600KV, 4800KV, 4S, 5000 KV, 560KV, 6500 KV, 6S, 760KV, 8000KV, 800KV, 8500 KV, 880KV, 900KV, 980KV, 22000KV, 23000KV, 27000KV, 2750KV, 30000KV, 3400 KV, 3850KV, 3950KV, 4533KV


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