Foxeer Aura 5 Inch Freestyle V3 O3 Frame

Foxeer Aura 5 Inch Freestyle V3 O3 Frame

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Material Toray T700 carbon with silky coating
Wheelbase 220mm
Mouting hole 20×20/25.5*25.5/30.5×30.5mm
Camera size 19×19/20x20mm
System Analog/Vista/O3/Walksnail/HDZero
Weight Weight 116g(excluded TPU Kit)
Packing List
5mm Arm 16*16 mounting – 4
2mm Top Plate – 1
2mm Cam Mount – 2
2mm X-reinforce plate – 1
2.5mm Bottom Plate – 1
Aluminum Column M3*23 – 4
Aluminum Column M3*30 – 4
TPU Action Cam Mount – 1
TPU SMA Antenna Mount – 1
TPU O3 VTx 915 Receiver Mount – 1
TPU Capacity Mount – 1
TPU Arm guard/Motor Mount – 4
TPU Bottom Plate Front Protective Mount – 1
TPU 915 Receiver Mount – 1
TPU O3 Antenna Mount – 1
TPU Standoff – 2
TPU Cam Mount – 1
M3*8 Screw – 8
M3*10 Screw – 5
M3*12 Screw – 4
M3*16 Screw – 4
M3*30 Screw – 4
M3 Spacer Screw – 8
M3 Nut- 9
M5 Nut – 1
M5*20 Screw – 1
Motor Wire Protector – 4
Battery Anti-slip Mat -1
250*20mm Strap – 1
220*20mm Strap – 1
Weight 200 g



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