BetaFPV ExpressLRS Recovery Dongle

BetaFPV ExpressLRS Recovery Dongle

This small ELRS recovery dongle allows you to unbrick and recover an ELRS receiver and also to flash firmware to it by using the UART port instead of WIFI. 

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The BetaFPV ExpressLRS Recovery Dongle is an FTDI USB to TTL adapter based on the CP2102 bridge controller. The ExpressLRS Recovery Dongle is compatible with most ELRS receivers based on ESP32 and ESP8XX chips including BetaFPV ELRS Lite, Nano, and Micro receivers and FPV goggles backpack. Its ingenious design with spring probe pins allows a solder-free solution connection to unbrick your ELRS RX or flash firmware by UART.

Bullet Point

  • Unbrick and recover the ELRS receiver when having a failed update such as the missing bootloader.
  • Soldering Free! It features spring probe pins for more convenient use. Connecting it with the ELRS receiver directly does not need to solder.
  • ExpressLRS Recovery Dongle FTDI USB to TTL module is covered by the case and is more durable and portable compared with the naked board version on the market.
  • Support many computer systems in the market like Windows, MAC, and Linux. This module uses a Type-C USB port for connecting the computer.

Know More About FTDI Module

ExpressLRS Recovery Dongle (FTDI Module) is mainly used to unbrick the ELRS receiver when having a failed update by Wifi upgrading or passthrough but also provides the UART way to upgrade the ELRS receiver or backpack. This FTDI module features spring probe pins and a connector for non-soldering use, which is more convenient for users. Besides, it is very durable and portable with a shell.

Note: The package does not include the Type-C USB cable. Please make sure you have available one.


Please click the below link to know how to use the ExpressLRS Recovery Dongle. This module requires the driver for the Windows system and there is no need if you are using MAC or Linux.

How to use the ExpressLRS Recovery Dongle

Driver for Windows

This video will help you to know how to flash firmware via FTDI.


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